Commercial Development Of Kolkata By Real Estate Land Developers

Real Estate in Kolkata has always managed to keep itself away from the frequent market fluctuations that have hampered the growth of the developing realty sector in other areas. The period of stagnation that clouded the real estate sector in the 1980s also could not do much harm to the Kolkata Real Estate Market. Moreover, the succeeding decade saw a steep rise in the property prices. Rates of land have shot up since then and have actually doubled up.

Being the technological capital of India, Kolkata naturally attracts a large chunk of population from all the other states as well as from professionals of other nationalities.

Current Scenario Of Kolkata Real Estate:
. There are currently around 9700 commercial units scheduled to be completed in the next five years.
. At present, however, there are 11900 residential units which are under various stages of construction. The fact that Kolkata Real Estate could manage to stand upright when this sector got hammered down even in Delhi and Mumbai is proof enough of this state’s potentiality.
. The Kolkata Hospitality sector holds much promise for the real estate business if the recent growth in this is something to go by. Twenty luxury hotels will be coming up in the next three months which are quite indicative of the booming nature of this sector.
. A 65% growth has been registered in the occupancy levels of these hotels. But unlike the residential area, the hospitality sector faces a lot of problems. There is lack of up front funding in the Kolkata Hospitality sector as it offers no immediate returns.
. The residential sector, on the other hand, is expected to continue enjoying interest owing to the fact that it guarantees returns. NRIs have been so interested in Real Estate In Kolkata that many local developers have even opened up their representative offices in the US, West Asia and Singapore.
. Stability, safety and pricing are basically the reasons for such a spurt in interest. More and more developers are entering this field of Real Estate In Kolkata raising the standard levels and turning it in to one of the most profitable business ventures.
. Another important reason for such interest is the price range. The prices of these properties cater to all pocket sizes.

The commercial property in Kolkata has no doubt received an impetus from the ever increasing investments by

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How to Pick a Good Real Estate Land Investment Through a Land Banking Company

1. First of all, you need to get good sound advice from real estate (land) investment practitioners on where (which country?) and when to invest. Visit the library and go to the local news stand to find out information of land opportunities around your area.

2. Understand the risks involved in the real estate (land) investment. You need to know how long can you hold on to this investment without you liquidating and what sort of rate of returns you are want out of this investment

3. Next, look around for a reputed and good real estate (land) operator and manager to manage your real estate (land) investment.

4. Does the operator and manager of the real estate (land) investment have a solid and consistent track record of yielding good returns for investors?

5. Are their investment returns audited by a third party reputed auditor company?

6. Inquire about the Returns of Investment (ROI) and the length of the investment.

7. By applying the Rule of 72 invented by Albert Einstein to determine if the compounded returns per annum for the length of the investment is reasonable

8. Examine the current projects available and ask their sales staff how long before the projects are all filled by investors.

9. Be aware of the amount of tax levied on capital gains needed to be filed for the returns to determine your net profit.

10. Does this investment offer you any protection like for example land title insurance or capital protection?

11. Overall, does this investment meet your mid to long term financial objective?

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